Save Your Boxes against Compression with Box Compression Tester

Box Compression Tester

Packing sensitive or perishable items into cartons or corrugated boxes is something that is very widely practiced in all parts of the globe. These corrugated boxes have truly been an unbeatable invention when it comes to packing items for shipping & storage. These boxes not only save space for storage but also ensure the safety of the materials packed inside to a greater extent.  

Manufacturers of these corrugated boxes construct them with absolute precision to make sure that the quality of these boxes is up to the mark. The ‘up to the mark’ quality remark stands for the durability of the corrugated boxes to withstand compression.

During the storage & transit activities, these boxes are stacked upon one another to save space and easy movability. The boxes with compromised durability may suffer damage & deformation due to the weight of other boxes stacked above them. Therefore it becomes necessary for manufacturers to assess & evaluate the strength of these boxes beforehand and avoid certain losses at the end moment.  

The Presto Group has come up with a top-notch lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers from the rigid paper & packaging industry to evaluate the strength of these corrugated boxes against compression, called the box compression tester.

The instrument is an output of precise engineering to attain maximum accuracy and repeatable results, assisting manufacturers from the rigid paper & packaging industry to ensure high levels of durability along with the assurance of safe & secure transit.

Let us go through the working mechanism of the box compression tester to understand the purpose of the instrument.

Working Mechanism of Box Compression Tester

The instrument is designed as an ergonomic product that promotes hassle-free testing along with an accuracy-driven approach due to its futuristic working attributes.

The working mechanism begins with the operator placing the specimen on the designated sample placement platform. The platform has labels for precise placement of the specimen.

Once the specimen is placed, the instrument is turned on with the help of the electrical control panel. On profiling the specimen and beginning with the test, the motorized platform or the compression plate moves downward at the corrugated box (specimen).

The compression plate exerts a pressure of 500 KgF/ 1000 KgF on the box, forcing the box to deform from its original position. The compression plate moves at a speed of 12.7 mm per minute as mentioned in the box compression test standard. Compliance with test standards builds a sense of assurance amongst manufacturers from the industry.

After the complete compression and thus deformation of the corrugated box, the compression plate starts moving upward and back to its original position due to the provision of limit switches. These switches avoid the overtravel of the compression plate and make the testing absolutely free from any kind of hassle.

The completion of the test marks the recording of the data by the operator with the help of the digital LCD display. The data can be tracked in both Excel & PDF formats which makes it extremely easy for the operator to evaluate the durability of the specimen.

The operator can also analyze the differences between the previously achieved results with the current ones with the help of the graphical representation of the data by the box compression tester computerized variant.

The working of the box compression tester computerized model becomes hassle-free because of the incorporation of highly advanced attributes.

Top-Notch Attributes of Box Compression Tester

The box compression tester manufacturer has made sure that the instrument carries out all the features that aid manufacturers from the packaging industry and also provides them the mandatory compliance with box compression test standards.

The instrument is designed with precision and an accuracy-driven approach which can be justified by the rugged surface of the designated sample placement platform which ensures no slippage or movement of the specimen while the test conduction is underway.

The box compression tester manufacturer has imbibed a circular lead screw for the smooth movement of the compression plate at a speed of 12.7 mm as mentioned in the box compression test standards.

The instrument safeguards the operator from any real-life mishaps by the provision of limit switches. These limit switches act as overtravel protection from the compression plate that might cause damage to the surroundings as well as the machine itself.

The box compression tester computerized variant also offers a highly advanced and futuristic representation of data through a graphical outlook for an easy understanding thus promoting analysis with the previously achieved results.

The computerized model also offers a provision of collecting the recorded data through PDF & Excel reports to enhance the readability as well as the sharing of data through e-mails or any other platforms that support PDF & Excel documents.

The single-handed working of the instrument is ensured by the incorporation of feather touch controls which makes the conduction of the test extremely smooth for the operator.

The box compression tester is made with mild steel material that has a coating of 7-layered powder paint that ensures the rustproofing properties of the machine and eradicates the scope of corrosion for a long period of time. This enhances the durability of the instrument and encourages the operator to perform testing with absolute assurance.

Buy Box Compression Tester Right Away

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