What is the purpose of performing a box compression test?

What is the purpose of performing a box compression test?
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The poor quality of the box can have detrimental effects on the overall product quality, greatly impacting its value and functionality. When a box is poorly constructed or made from low-quality materials, it fails to provide adequate protection during shipping and handling processes. Thus, we at Presto have designed a high-quality lab testing instrument known as a box compression tester that will accurately test the compression strength of boxes when stacked over each other.

This testing equipment has been designed to quantify the performance of boxes and various board mediums that can be used for shipping containers and transporting products to customers.
This easy-to-use and ergonomically designed lab testing instrument has been made as per industry standards that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct box compression tests.
In this blog, we will discuss a brief Presto box compression tester digital and the purpose of conducting box compression tests on the materials.

What is a box compression test and its purpose?

The box compression test is a standardized method used to determine the compressive strength and structural integrity of corrugated boxes or other packaging materials. This test involves applying a gradually increasing amount of vertical force on the box until it reaches its maximum load-bearing capacity or collapses, allowing for precise measurements.
The purpose of conducting this quality test is to ensure that the packaging meets industry standards and can safely protect its contents during handling, storage, and transportation processes.
By subjecting the boxes to controlled pressure in a laboratory setting, manufacturers can identify any weaknesses or flaws in their design or construction before they are distributed to customers.
This enables them to make necessary adjustments and modifications to enhance durability and overall performance while reducing potential risks such as damage, breakage, or loss of goods during transit.
This box compression test will play a crucial role in determining the quality of boxes and ensuring that accurate materials will be delivered to the customers.  You can read more on the benefits of using box compression tester in the packaging industry.
Now, let us discuss what a box compression test determines about box packaging.

What Compression Test Determines About The Box Packaging?

When corrugated boxes will be stacked over each other they will get collapsed during heavy loads or rough transportation. It means that a box will not be able to bear the load and get collapsed easily.
Thus, with the Presto box compression testing instrument, manufacturers can easily determine whether the box will be able to withstand the forces when stacked over each other or not. Presto is a leading box compression test manufacturer and provides this quality testing equipment at the best and most affordable prices.
Consequently, the box compression test plays a crucial role in guaranteeing product safety, minimizing losses due to damaged products, optimizing supply chain efficiency, and ultimately satisfying customer expectations.
Now, let us discuss a brief about the Presto box compression tester

Brief information about Presto box compression tester

The Presto box compression tester is a reliable lab testing instrument designed to assess the compressive strength of various packaging materials. This innovative lab testing equipment is specifically engineered for industries that heavily rely on sturdy packaging, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce sectors.
With its advanced technology and precision engineering, this machine ensures accurate measurements by subjecting packages to controlled pressure until they collapse or deform. By analyzing the results obtained from the Presto box compression tester, companies can evaluate their packaging's structural integrity and durability under different storage conditions or during transportation.
Additionally, this versatile lab testing instrument complies with international testing standards like ASTM D642-18 to provide precise data for quality control purposes.
This quality package testing equipment has been designed with high-quality features that are listed below.

Features of Presto box compression tester

The Presto box compression tester has been designed as per industrial standards that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct the box compression test on the materials. Below we have listed the features of this quality testing equipment.
  • Microprocessor-based display for accurate test results
  • Highly accurate test results under uniform compression Force
  • TARE and Peak Hold Facility Available
  • Over travel protection
  • Strong base plate with a rugged structure
  • Bright LED display
  • Feather touch controls
  • Available in Computerized model also
  • Available in various platform sizes and Load Cell Capacity
  • Optional Printer Facility

Technical specifications of Presto box compression tester

  • Type: Compression
  • Capacity: 500 Kgf
  • Display: LED (Digital)
  • Accuracy: ± 2% full scale (with master load).
  • Least Count: 200 gm
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Test Platform Size: 450 * 450 mm
  • Test Speed: 12.5 ± 2.5 mm/min
  • Motor: 1 HP Three Phase, 1350 rpm
  • Standard: ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212
With these high-end features and technical specifications, manufacturers can easily conduct box compression tests on the materials and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers. This quality testing equipment will enable safe and secure packaging and determines zero product rejection errors.
If you want a free sample testing session for the use of this quality testing equipment, then you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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