Secure Seal Tester: Easily Conduct Leak Test Procedure for Bottles

Secure Seal Tester: Easily Conduct Leak Test Procedure for Bottles

PET bottles are essential components in the bottle industry. Therefore it is important to check the seal integrity of PET bottles. To do that you can make use of a secure seal tester testing instrument that will help to prevent the leakage of bottles. This testing instrument is prominent in the packaging industry to ensure the quality of testing.

The bottles that are securely sealed have chances to ship quality items packed within them. The bottles will get sealed in different manners to ensure secure sealing. Manufacturers make use of quality sealing materials that will help to prevent the leakage of products. Therefore, you can make use of a secure seal tester to ensure that the PET bottles are sealed properly. Here we are going to provide you information about secure seal testing instruments from Presto and how it helps to improve your product quality with ease.

Presto has designed a secure seal tester in such a way that it will provide you with highly accurate readings. It will be helpful in preventing the leakage in PET bottles with its rigorous industrial testing environment. You will get two different models of secure seal testing machines from Presto. It includes a digital model and a touch screen model with a computer interface. These two models of secure seal tester will easily measure the seal integrity of PET bottles with high precision. This testing instrument can be operated with ease and it can easily work on the standard pressure conditions.

How secure seal tester is helpful in improving bottle quality?

As we know that there is a number of tests that can be conducted with different testing instruments to test the secure seal of bottles or containers? But a secure seal tester from Presto is one of the best testing instruments that will help you to ensure that you deliver the best quality product to your customers. This renowned testing equipment comes in various sizes and is equipped with an advanced set of features. It is designed as per international standards and will be helpful to repute the level of material during construction. At Presto there are two models of secure seal tester is available. It includes the NXG touch screen model and PSST-213 S model. If we talk about the NXG model then it has been designed with advanced features like easy data management, pressure inlet settings, microprocessor-based controls, an inbuilt calibration facility, and much more. The power-coated gray and blue combination structure with a corrosion-resistant finish will work well for you. You can easily observe the test results on the digital display. Thus, you can consult with the expert team at Presto for a secure seal tester to attain the precise results for testing.

Some technical specifications of secure seal tester

The Presto Testing Instrument is a topmost supplier of quality lab testing instruments that are available at the best prices. You can easily make use of a secure seal tester to ensure that the bottles are packed with the best quality. Now, the manufacturers of PET bottles will remain worry-free with the help of this testing instrument. Here we have created a list of technical specifications of this testing machine. You can read them below:

  • Nitrogen, air, and carbon dioxide gases will be used in this testing machine to perform the test.
  • 175 PSI pressure will be used to make the testing instrument work efficiently.
  • Rust-free body and fabrication material used includes high-grade plastic, anodized aluminum with high-grade stainless steel.
  • Bottles with 28 and 38mm diameters will be tested.

These are the technical specification of this testing machine. You can buy this machine from Presto Testing Instrument at competitive prices.


Secure seal test is one of the major quality checks that have been performed in the PET industry and laboratories to ensure that the product delivered should be free of leakage. This testing instrument is best known for the leakage tests in PET & Preform industries. With the help of this testing instrument designed by skilled experts at Presto, you will easily be able to detect visible leaks from glass or plastic carbonated containers. Give us a call at +91-129-4272727 or mail us at to get proper assistance.

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