How to Evaluate Bottle Closure Integrity with a Secure Seal Tester?

How to Evaluate Bottle Closure Integrity with a Secure Seal Tester?

The bottles are an integral part of the packaging & plastic industry. These bottles are the most suitable utensils for the packaging of aerated liquid drinks as they are sealed with absolute security with the help of bottle caps or closures.

These bottle caps & closures are manufactured with extreme precision as it is highly important that these bottles remain vacuum-tight to avoid any sort of contamination because of exposure to the atmosphere.

These bottle caps & closures are therefore manufactured with extreme precision to ensure maximum levels of customer satisfaction. These closures are tested under various methods before being utilized in the final product that is to be used by the consumer. it is vital to perform these tests to avoid any sort of issues regarding bottle closures at later stages as it may impact the brand reputation and cause huge losses.   

The Presto Group has come up with a top-notch lab testing instrument called the secure seal tester. It is a result of precise engineering as the instrument has the ability to assess the seal integrity of bottle closures. Assisting manufacturers from the packaging & bottle industries to attain the highest levels of consumer satisfaction and thus brand building.

The instrument is designed with an ergonomic working principle to promote single-handed testing and hassle-free conduction of the test.  

Working Principle of Secure Seal Tester

The secure seal tester is a clutter-free lab testing instrument that contributes towards the ergonomic and simplistic mechanism it incorporates as a package.

The testing begins with the preparation of the sample with the help of a bottle cap cutter. It is highly important to cut the sample from the top of the bottle in its closure state.

Once the specimen is clamped, it is tightened with firmness between the jaws of the lab testing instrument which is adjustable & customizable as per the requirements of the operator. The jaw is connected with an inlet pipe within the acrylic chamber.

The acrylic chamber is filled with water, it is important to make sure that the jaw containing the bottle closure is fully submerged into the water. This is extremely important as the testing will be conducted only through a water medium.

The lid of the acrylic chamber is closed firmly before the application of air pressure within the inner chamber to ensure that there is no air pressure exertion from the outside and thus help the operator reach high levels of accuracy.

The air pressure is exerted on the specimen within the closed acrylic chamber with the help of the inlet pipe that is connected to the pneumatic supply.

The air pressure on the outside of the specimen forces a generation of vacuum within the walls of the closure. In case of any leakage of this vacuum, the operator can simply observe bubbling around the specimen within the acrylic chamber.

In case of no bubbling, manufacturers of these products qualify these products as pass. This is how the operator simply evaluates the seal integrity of bottle closures with the help of a secure seal tester.

The secure seal tester is also equipped with all the necessary features that make testing an extremely easy job for the operators. This not only avoids inaccuracy but also eliminates false testing due to minimal human interaction.

Features of Secure Seal Tester

The secure seal tester is offered with certain features, extremely prevalent for the hassle-free functioning of the device and for the acquisition of precise results consistently.

The instrument has an acrylic chamber that allows the air pressure to be as high as 220 Psi to precisely test the specimen upon enough seal security or not.

The acrylic chamber is also made as a see-through equipment of the secure seal tester to enable the operator to determine the seal integrity of the specimen under the medium of water with absolute facile & accuracy.

The construction of the instrument is a feature in itself. The secure seal tester is made with stainless steel & brass to aid the jaw of the instrument in resisting high levels of corrosion-friendly environments because of the rustproofing properties of brass as a metal.

The instrument is also equipped with a top-quality preset timer for repeatability in testing and acquisition of desired results over & over again. You can easily eliminate the problem of faulty caps with the Presto secure seal tester. 

The big acrylic chamber of the secure seal tester accommodates even the big bottle closures to be tested without any issues.

There are important specifications that one must adhere to for an in-depth knowledge of the instrument.  

Specifications of the Secure Seal Tester

·      The inner diameter of the acrylic chamber is as big as 200mm.

·      The pressure range of the instrument is 10 bar.

·      The preset timer of the instrument can be set up to 999 seconds.

·      The material used for the construction of the instrument is high-tensile plexiglass, stainless steel & anodized aluminum.

·      The single-phase power supply of the lab testing equipment is at 220 V, 50 Hz.

·      The air pressure range of the instrument is 175 psi to 220 psi.

·      The controls for monitoring pressure as well as the timer are digital.

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