Significance of Tensile Test Machine in Manufacturing

Significance of Tensile Test Machine in Manufacturing
  • Gaurav Malhotra


Evaluating the tensile strength of materials is an essential parameter in checking the quality of the materials. The ability of the materials to withstand the tensile force ensures the quality of the materials. When materials can withstand tensile force for a longer duration without any deformation decides its quality. 

The tensile test machine comes with an advanced load sensor which it makes easy to perform tensile tests on the materials. It is important to perform tensile tests on materials to check their sturdiness and ductility. Presto tensile test machine is used to carry out this quality test and to assess whether the products of the companies can take stresses of the tensile load.

Ensure the Quality of the Products with the Tensile Test Machine

The tensile test can be performed on various materials such as plastics, composites and metals. The tensile strength of the materials can be assessed by applying force to the materials till they break. The results then get recorded to check the properties of the materials such as yield strength, durability, and elongation properties.

A tensile machine is a perfect lab testing instrument for conducting the tensile test and it makes sure that the right products are delivered to the customers. Presto being a leading manufacturer of lab equipment offers high-end features for tensile test machines. The tensile testing machine price is affordable at Presto and within the reach of the customers. Moreover, the post-sales services provided by Presto are of the next level. Technical experts at Presto ensure that the right training and demonstration is provided to the customers.

By checking the tensile forces of the materials, manufacturers ensure that the right-quality products are received by the customers. It helps manufacturers to acquire more customers which in return increases the revenue for the manufacturers as well. For conducting the tensile strength test on the materials, you can easily prepare and mount the testing sample. 

The factors to keep in mind while performing tensile strength test

To obtain accurate results, these factors should be taken care of. The factors are:

  • The sample should be prepared properly to get accurate results and it should be placed in the machine accurately as well.

  • The tensile test machine should be made in a way that it adheres to the standards of manufacturing to obtain accurate results to avoid any discrepancy in the process. Presto manufactures the tensile test machine according to the set standards only which makes it the most trusted laboratory testing instrument in the manufacturing industry.

  • Proper safety measures should be taken while performing the test to avoid any kind of accidents in the workplace. For that, proper training should be given to employees and they should follow the safety guidelines as well.

Evaluate the tensile strength of the materials with the Presto Tensile Test Machine

Presto is an established manufacturer of tensile test machines one of those lab equipment to check the tensile forces of the materials. Presto machine comes with top-notch features that help in providing accurate results for the tests.

Presto tensile test machine is used in industries such as automotive, construction, aerospace and many more. It is used to control the quality of the products and provides precise results with a high rate of repeatability. It comes with in-built safety features such as overload and over-travel protection. The machine comes with an instruction manual, wiring diagram and calibration certificate as well. The paint colour of the Presto tensile testing machine is a combination of both Autumn Gray and Blue colour. Zinc plating has also been added to the equipment to make the equipment corrosive-resistant. 

Perform standardized Tensile Tests to obtain Accurate Results

Performing standardized tensile tests on the materials will help the customers in obtaining accurate and repeatable results. Different labs perform different tests that create variations in the results and make the test not repeatable and accurate. So, it is essential to standardize the tests so that there are no chances of human error and correct information is obtained.

A set procedure should be in place so that everyone carries out the test in a standardized manner and accurate results are attained. When the tests are standardized, and still any error occurs in the process then it would be easy to rectify the error. You can even analyze the effects of the low tensile rate of metals with the help of this quality lab testing instrument. 

Working on Presto Tensile Test Machine

To commence the test, you need to prepare the specimen accurately and place it properly in the machine. The steps to prepare the specimen accurately are:

  • Firstly, the peak load indicator value should be set to zero and the rotary switch should be turned to the down direction.

  • The lower grip will move in a downward direction.

  • Once the lower grip starts moving in the downward direction, the values shown on the load indicator will start increasing.

  • After the specimen has fractured, now rotary switch needs to be turned off.

  • After the machine stops, the load that is shown in the display will return to zero and the display that shows elongation will freeze.

  • To get the peak values, turn on the memory switch.

  • Now, note down the values that are displayed.

Some operators face challenges while conducting tensile test and these challenges can be overcome easily with proper training and guidance. Presto provides proper training after the installation of the machine. Furthermore, service engineers from Presto only visit the customers if they face any kind of difficulty after installation. Service engineers from Presto are properly trained to solve any kind of issue. 

Some of the Tips to Follow to Maintain a Tensile Test Machine

To ensure that the tensile test machine runs for a longer time, you need to follow some tips that are mentioned below:

  • Greasing of the machine should be done every three months.

  • Specimens should be placed accurately while performing the test.

  • The V-belt drive should be tightened every three months and it should be checked against any wear and tear regularly. The damaged V-belt should be replaced immediately.

  • The gearbox should be topped up with gear oil every year.


The tensile test machine is one of the best quality-checking instruments to ensure that quality products are delivered to the customers. It helps in enhancing the reputation of the companies by checking the durability and sturdiness of the materials. Then the company delivers the right product to the end customers at the right time to gain their loyalty.



We at Presto believe in manufacturing the best-quality tensile test machine. You can buy tensile test machines at reasonable prices from Presto. Customers can call +91-9210903903 or send an e-mail to to gain more knowledge about the product. The team of technical experts from Presto will assist you.

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