Streamline the Measurement of Moisture Content in packaging products with the Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

The packaging industry has reached greater heights in recent times, this has happened due to the paradigm shift in manufacturer’s approach towards packaging material since the occurrence of online shopping has taken over the market by storm. The packaging industry has also elevated its standards with modern times.

This has happened due to the demand for more durable packaging items. Therefore, the product manufacturers have taken the packaging product manufacturing & testing levels a notch higher.

To elevate the product quality and run tests for the betterment of products, a top-quality lab testing instrument called the digital moisture meter is offered by the finest lab testing instrument manufacturers in the country – the Presto Group.   

The instrument is designed with extreme precision to help manufacturers from the packaging product industry determine the moisture content of the packaging product.

The equipment is responsible for ensuring damage prevention, safety, compliance regulations, process optimization, and most important of all quality control.

The high-end testing standards enhance the value of the moisture analyzer and help manufacturers attain maximum levels of accuracy with absolute ease & facility due to its portable functioning module.

Functioning Module of the Digital Moisture Meter

The moisture meter is equipped with a highly advanced working process that aids the operator in conducting the moisture content measurement task adeptly & precisely.

To conduct the test with the moisture analyzer, the operator has to turn the device on first and profile the specimen as per the necessities. Every specimen has different functions and thus the pass/ fail criteria are also variable. Therefore, specimen profiling with the help of an LCD screen allows the operator to streamline the testing process.

To conduct the test, the operator has to remove the safety cap above the two electrode pins installed for their safety against exposure to the environment and other damage such as impacts or free falls.

The two electrode pins are inserted into the specimen that needs to be tested and the capacitive buttons for testing are pressed. The moisture content in the specimen is indicated on the LCD screen and the pass/ fail criteria are showcased as per the profile of the specimen to allow the operator to keep track of results.

It is important to make sure that the operator turns the paper moisture meter off and clips on the cap of the electrode pin to ensure the longevity and durability of the instrument.

The paper moisture meter is equipped with highly advanced features that contribute towards the accuracy-driven working mechanism of the instrument along with high-end portability.

Top-Notch Features of the Digital Moisture Meter

The digital moisture meter is offered with quality attributes that have gained the trust of manufacturers from all across the globe as these features not only promise ease of testing but also ensure precision-based test results.

The foremost feature of the instrument is the automatic cut-off feature that turns the instrument off when not in use. This enhances the battery life of the equipment and thus the overall longevity.

Another high-end feature is the incorporation of the twin electrode pin cover that safeguards the instrument from impacts & free falls, elevating the durability levels of the device.

The moisture meter for corrugated boxes is equipped with capacitive & feather touch control buttons that allow the operator to profile the specimen and set pass/ fail criteria for easy recording of results. These feather touch controls also offer an option to keep track of previous readings & records with its ‘memory hold button’.

The equipment is also powered with a handheld construction that has attracted a lot of manufacturers as it streamlines the testing process completely and enhances the test results to greater levels along with facile testing methods.

All the top-quality features of the moisture meter combine together and ensure the testing is precise and high quality.  

There are certain specifications of the lab moisture meter for corrugated boxes that must be taken into consideration before you get your hands on the lab testing equipment.

Specifications of the Digital Moisture Meter

  • The results are indicated on the LCD screen of the digital moisture meter.

  • The testing range of the instrument can vary from 4% to 18%. However, the moisture range for baled scrap paper varies from 6% to 40%.

  • The instrument stores data of up to 300 readings.

  • The control buttons of the instrument are feather-touch-sensitive buttons that expedite the testing process.

  • The LCD screen of the moisture analyzer can also display a total of 100 readings.

  • The instrument is equipped with a 9V alkaline battery. The battery saving mode is also offered within the instrument that switches the equipment off automatically when not in use.

  • The tolerance limits can also be adjusted from the settings panel.

  • The operator can choose up to 3 variable paper types for the conduction of the test.

An operator must adhere to these specifications before getting their hands on the highly advanced digital moisture meter.

Book a Digital Moisture Meter Right Away

Each & every manufacturer from all across the globe aspires to maximize quality control, elevate testing stands by optimizing them, prevent damage from minor impacts & free-falls as well as ensure safety along with ease of testing, all these boxes are ticked by the Presto-made lab testing instrument called the – Digital moisture meter.

To determine the moisture content in different packaging materials to comply with mandatory regulations, you can book yourself the advanced lab testing instrument without any further adoration. To seek more information regarding the digital moisture meter price, you can visit our website right away.

To place an order or connect with us, you can reach out at +91 9210903903 or directly write us an e-mail with all the necessary specifications at 

Do not wait any further and get your hands on the highly advanced lab testing equipment. We will be extremely delighted to serve you the finest.

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