Superlative Opportunity for Measuring Paper's Quality

Superlative Opportunity for Measuring Paper's Quality

A measure of the strength of the paper products to withstand pressure without rupture, bursting strength, is widely used as an index to determine the strength and performance of materials like paper, paper boards, corrugated boards and boxes, solid fiber boards, filter cloth, industrial fabric, leather and Rexene. Thus, Bursting Strength Testers have diverse application and wide usage.

Bursting Strength Tester offers unprecedented functionality to enable an extensive variety of bursting strength and fatigue tests to be performed on a wide array of materials. Depending upon their requirement, customers can choose the desired model from Presto’ s complete range of Bursting Strength Testers: Digital Model, Pneumatic Model, Computerized Cum Digital Model (with Manual Clamping) and Computerized Cum Digital Model (with Pneumatic Clamping). The Bursting Strength Tester Analogue Model has unique features which ensure precision, accuracy and excellent repeatability of test results and offers increased reliability.


The bursting strength of the sample is measured by applying the hydrostatic pressure at a controlled rate, regulated through a rubber diaphragm. The pressure is then, gradually increased until it causes rupture of the material. This value of hydrostatic pressure is noted to determine the bursting strength of the sample and used an indicator of its performance. For instance, if the sample under test is a corrugated box, the bursting strength serves as an indicator of the maximum weight that may be carried in the box. Based on the value of their bursting strength, the quality of Corrugated Boxes is graded.

Bursting Strength Tester offers many exciting and innovative features which provide substantial time-saving for the operator, besides maximizing user efficiency and minimizing training times. These features contribute significantly to an increase in instrument accuracy and efficiency, creating opportunities for a greater number of tests to be performed in a short span of time.

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