Test Corrugated Fibreboard Quality with Edge Crush Tester

Test Corrugated Fiberboard Quality with Edge Crush Tester
Packaging is a very major necessity of industry and is something without which the market just could not survive. It is the packing material which provides safety to the inside content form jerks and another kind of hash conditions which it comes in contact with the product itself can damage it. The package plays the role of a barrier. It also represents the brand and all other information related to the product like its manufacturing date, ingredients, and expiry etc. The packages which are specifically used for transporting purpose must show strength towards the compressive load. As if does not exhibit strength it will not only crus itself but will damage the inside content and the brand as well. Corrugated sheets are the one most used and know to be the toughest which can sustain the compressive load. In this blog, we will see how Edge Crush tester can be used for improving the quality of corrugated sheets.
Properties of corrugated fibreboard
They are light in weight as a comparison to other materials. Plastic due to its complex structure have a heavier density but corrugated sheets are made up of plant substance and thus are very light in weight.
They are the best shock absorbing material known in the packaging industry. This means they can sustain the rough jerks coming up in the transit condition. Imagine you are transporting glass material in hilly areas for some reason. The only corrugate sheets are the most trustworthy material one can rely on.
But to see that the material you have chosen for producing the package is that good or not the most popular test would be the edge crush test. In this test, a strip of the sample is cut and placed in the machine and then it compressed with a fixed load and pressure. Then it is observed that which material can sustain the maximum load for a maximum time. And that would the best for your use.
Presto brings a highly advanced model of digitally controlled edge crush tester.  It is used to conduct three distinct modes of test, RCT, ECT, and FCT. The machine designed as per international standards is most renowned in the packaging industry to conduct edge crush test.

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