Test Flexible Packaging Using the Best Lab Heat Sealer - Uses & Price in India

Test Flexible Packaging Using the Best Lab Heat Sealer - Uses & Price in India

 Heat Seal Test is widely used in the packaging industry to determine the suitable sealing parameters (sealing temperature, dwell time and pressure) for materials, such as flexible packaging, thermoplastic material and plastic seals.

A Lab Heat Sealer is an equipment which is used to measure the hot tack and heat seal properties of films which are applied in flexible packaging, bags and pouches.

The best Laboratory Heat Sealer available in India, is offered by Presto Testing Instruments. The equipment automatically tests heat seals under a programmable range of pressures, temperatures, dwell times and peel rates.

Presto Lab Heat Sealer

Equipped with a computerized system, the Presto Lab Heat Sealer automatically tabulates and plots statistics such as heat seal strength versus temperature, hot tack strength versus temperature, and averages and standard deviations of force data.

Presto Lab Heat Sealer is manufactured as per International Quality Standards and complies with ASTM F2029 - Standard Practices for creating heat seals and for evaluation of the heat seal ability of flexible packaging and plastic webs, as determined by measuring their ‘Seal Strength’.

The test instrument follows the test methods described in ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029 and ASTM F88 for hot tack and heat seal testing, and offers capabilities even beyond those standards.

Presto Lab Heat Sealer is easy to use and provides precision measurement and control system. It is by far the most productive hot tack and heat seal test system available in India, at a very economical price.

Advantages of Using Flexible Plastic Packaging:

1.    In the world full of competition, manufacturers of packages and products often face tremendous pressure to ensure excellent quality of packaging, while satisfying the demands of customers. Customers are always looking for how to quality products at economical cost.  Thus, the packaging material selected by the manufacturers influence its ability to remain competitive, yet strong enough to resist failure under pressure. 

 .      A good, secure package helps to preserve its contents and products. For instance, the film around meat extends the product’s life beyond what it would be in case it was kept in the open at the butcher’s shop. Similarly, the plastic film used to package cheese, bakery items and fresh vegetables preserves the contents inside the package by saving them for the exposure to oxygen, which actually reduces their shelf lives. 

Evaluation of Plastic Films/ Flexible Packaging

1.    Seal Performance 

Plastic films are used for packaging a wide variety of products.  They have helped manufacturers to meet the requirements of a varied marketplace - enabling them to achieve more with less. The popularity and usage of plastic films has increased over time.

In fact when compared with glass packaging, using thermoplastic or flexible packaging is very economical. However, it is very necessary to ensure that the flexible plastic packaging is leak proof and heat resilient. 

Industrial Heat Sealer and Hot Tack Tester, reliable & effective testing equipment, can perform hot tack and heat seal performance of laminated films, plastic films and various other packaging products. Thus, the need to make packaging effective and confer to international quality standards is fulfilled. 

2.    Adhesive Strength – 

A Peel off tester evaluates the adhesive strength of packaging films which are commonly used to heat seal packaging material. The testing of various types of thermoplastic films which can be sealed at a distinct temperature, specific speed and defined pressure, can be measured accurately using the Peel off Tester. 

The application criteria varies from package to package materials and also depends upon the environmental conditions for real application. Peel off Tester can also test the tension, peel and shear strength of the items like adhesive tapes, papers, and similar flexible products.

The Presto Lab Heat Sealer provides reliable results and can be used for batch-to-batch comparisons, and grade quality of thermoplastic, flexible packaging and packing materials. If you’re facing any packing materials testing challenge, contact www.prestogroup.com today or call 0129-4272727 for assistance.



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