Test Products for Better Quality with Hydraulic Pressure

Test Products for Better Quality with Hydraulic Pressure

 The Dead Weight Tester (DWT) is a very flexible and large pressure measurement standard. While selecting an accurate dead weight tester for your application, you must consider the following things i.e. pressure media, pressure range, pressure generation options, weight increments accuracy, adapters and models that are available.

Method to perform the test:
  • The pressure gauge is mounted in the same orientation either horizontally or vertically as in the process.
  • Measurements points are distributed uniformly over the calibration range.
  • Calibrated weights are kept on the machine with respect to the measurement points.
  • The pressure is provided with an internal pump or screw press until the piston that holds weights starts floating.
  • The piston and weight are rotated by hand to reduce friction.
  • While the piston is floating the reading on the device under test is compared to the pressure with respect to the sum of the selected weights.

Applications of the dead weight tester are:

  • The instrument is referred for factory and calibration laboratories for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments.
  • Primary standard for calibrating the pressure in a hydraulic range up to 1,400 bar (20,000 psi).
  • The complete, stand-alone system, also used for on-site use.
Some of the features are free piston assembly made up of special steel, hardened, tempered and overlapped to accurate size. Uses gauge connector of 1/2 “BSP (female) for connecting the gauge. The base plate is given to mount the equipment with levelling screws. Incremental weights for better least counts are available at additional cost. Weights have pressure values marked on it. Calibration is provided in several units of pressure like kgf/cm2, bar, lbf/in2, kPa, KN/m2 as per the requirement of the customer.
Presto is Dead Weight Tester Supplier that provides the world’s best testing instrument. The design of the machine removes the necessity to spin the weights at the time of testing and helps the user to focus on the machine. DWT works on the principle of Pascal’s law that describes the pressure applied to a fluid in a closed system transfer the pressure equally in all directions.
Dead Weight Tester manufacturer prefer this instrument due to its unique design that allows standard newton weights to be used. A dead weight tester is a very handy piece of equipment to calibrate a pressure gauge or other pressure transducers in an industrial plant.
Advantages of dead weight tester are it is used to calibrate a test gauge. It operates on a hydraulic principle. A test gauge is compared to a standard dead weight as the calibration method is difficult.


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