Test Shine & Gloss Durability of Surfaces with the Gloss Meter

Gloss Meter

The materials used in the production of goods are layered with different coatings & glossy paints to create an appeal to the customers and catch their attention at first sight. These coatings contribute towards the physical appearance of the product and enhance the durability of the product by acting as a shielding layer against corrosion & rusting.

These layers can contribute to huge profits if done properly but can also resort to hefty losses in the case of improper coatings as they might dissatisfied customers and the product quality is judged just by the physical appearance of it. Understanding the importance of coatings & glossy layers with the help of an example; the automobile industry is equipped with high-end technologies to enhance the physical appearance of the surfaces with shine, paint & gloss. They enhance the road presence of a vehicle and thus lure customers to test the product out.

Therefore, it becomes vital for manufacturers all around the globe to enhance the surface coatings by evaluating the gloss levels of the same. To aid manufacturers the Presto Group has offered a highly advanced and futuristic lab testing instrument – the Digital Gloss Meter.

The instrument is trusted by manufacturers all around the globe due to its hi-tech support mechanism. The instrument works with great efficiency & effectiveness to cater to the manufacturer in assessing the surface shine & gloss with absolute facile and in an expedited manner.

Working Process & Mechanism of the Digital Gloss Meter

The gloss meter is a lab testing instrument designed with maximum precision to aid manufacturers in evaluating the gloss levels of a surface from different angles.

To begin with the test, the operator has to turn the gloss meter on and profile the surface that is being tested using the big wide LCD screen attached to the top of the handheld instrument.

The operator can now place the instrument over the specimen or the surface whose gloss levels are going to be measured. The operator must make sure that the surface of the specimen is placed in accordance with the measuring aperture that sizes 12 mm X 60 mm.

The operator can now press a dedicated measuring button on the handheld equipment. The paint gloss meter has a mechanism based on the principles of refraction.

The Gloss meter is equipped with a light assembly of CIE type that spreads lights over the specimen through the measuring aperture. The sensors imbibed within the futuristic lab testing equipment evaluate the refraction levels taking place due to the gloss & shine of the surface and thus determine the glossiness of a surface by adhering to the refraction caused by it.

The instrument has an assembly of testing apertures at three different angles for precise measurement of the refractive index. The three angles from which the surface of a material is evaluated are 20o, 60o & 85o.  

The results drawn from the testing at all three angles are indicated on the LCD screen which allows the operator to simply keep track of the derived outcomes.

The digital gloss meter is offered with highly advanced characteristics that contribute towards the achievement of accuracy-driven results and promote single-handed testing in an adept manner.

Highly Advanced Characteristics of the Digital Gloss Meter

The digital gloss meter is embraced with a lot of high-quality features that ensure the smooth & facile working of the instrument and aid the operator in achieving the highest accuracy levels within no time.

The first & foremost feature of the lab testing instrument is its maneuverability which allows the operator to perform testing over any surface with absolute facile by eradicating the hassle of installation & sample preparation.

The paint gloss meter is offered with a cap to protect the measuring aperture from dust, water, or any other element that can hamper the testing accuracy.

The instrument is also equipped with a big & wide capacitive touch screen to elevate the testing standard and aid the manufacturer in retrieving the data of the testing outcomes with absolute facility. The governing software of the instrument i.e. GQC6 allows the operator to extract the data out of the instrument into both graphical & tabular representations which helps in critical analysis and data comparison from the previously obtained results.

The gloss meter also enhances the accuracy of the tests due to the incorporation of the CIE light along with tri-angle testing analogies for precise and clear assessment of the refractive index.

The readings of the tests can also be achieved into three different terminologies which allows the operator to evaluate the gloss levels and layout readings in an easy-to-read manner. The three reading modes are basic, static & continuous.

Numerous questions are received by the Presto Group regarding the digital gloss meter, specifications, gloss meter price in India, etc. Here is the answer to some of them.

FAQs about the Digital Gloss Meter

Ques. At what scale does the paint gloss meter operate?

Ans. The paint gloss meter operates between 10 gloss units (Gu) to 70 gloss units (Gu).

Ques. Which standard guidelines does the Gloss Meter comply with?

Ans. The gloss meter complies with various standards that are necessary to be followed in order to gain the trust of manufacturers. Some of these necessary standards are D523, D4449, D4039.

Ques. Which materials can be tested with the gloss meter?

Ans. The digital gloss meter can test various materials due to its efficient build. These materials are wood, ceramics, paper, paint  & metals.

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