Test The Adhesion Strength Of Paints Effectively With Cross Hatch Tester

Test The Adhesion Strength Of Paints Effectively With Cross Hatch Tester

Paints and coatings are the most commonly used methods to protect substrates and surfaces from any type of effect from environmental factors. The environmental factors have a great impact on the quality and durability of a product hence they need to remain safe from the environmental factors. The paints and coatings need to be efficient enough to ensure that the safety of substrates is not compromised at any cost. The adhesion strength of paints is one of the major properties that define its efficiency in providing the best safety to the substrate to which it is applied. The cross hatch tester is the instrument that is used for testing the efficiency of the paint and coatings by testing their adhesion strength.

The cross hatch tester is used for making a big X on the paint coating that has been applied to a substrate. After the X has been made, a pressure sensitive tape is applied on the X, and it is peeled off. With the tape, the paint also comes off of the substrate which gives the adhesion strength of the paint.

Technical features of the Presto’s Cross Hatch Tester

  1. The instrument is available with one, two or three blades as per the requirements of the customers.
  2. The instrument complies with the following testing standards: ASTM D 3359, BS EN 2409: 2013, DIN EN 2409: 2013-6, ISO 2409: 2013.

High lights of Presto’s Cross Hatch Tester

  1. The instrument is easily operated.
  2. The instrument is equipped with high quality Stainless steel blades with extremely sharp edges for easy cutting.
  3. It is lightweight and easily ported.

With the help of cross hatch testers, the paint manufacturers can easily test the quality of their products and give the best quality of products to their customers.

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