Test the Ductility of Metals with Cupping Machine

Test the Ductility of Metals with Cupping Machine

What is Cupping Test?

Cupping test is performed on the metal sheets and widely performed in metal manufacturing industries and paint industries to determine the ability of the metal sheets (having thickness 0.2 mm to 2mm) to undergo continuous deformation when it is provided to any type of stretching force.

How is Cupping Test Performed?

Cupping test is conducted on the testing machine known as Cupping Machine. The testing instrument work on the principle that a cup is formed into a sheet when it is pressed by a spherical punch against the clamped sample until visible cracks are developed on the sheet. After the cracks are developed on the sheet, the application of force is stopped, and the depth of the cup is measured by the test results.

Cupping Machine by Presto

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of cupping machines to perform the ductility test on the painted metal sheets to evaluate the ability of the metals and strips when they are subjected to continuous deformation to determine any kind of stretch forming.

How to perform the test with Presto’s Cupping Machine?

The test comprises of forming an indentation by pressing a punch with a spherical end against a sample which is clamped between a die and a sample holder until any type of deformation or cracks is seen on the samples.

After the test, the depth of the cup can be measured. The cupping machine is used to test the draw ability of the metal sheet components. The testing machine is manufactured as per the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as ISO 8490:1986 and IS: 10175 (Part I): 1993. The machine comprises of a standard ball which is made to penetrate through a clamped sample sheet up to the thickness of 2 mm.

Standard Operating Procedure

  • Take the Zero Plate which is provided with the machine.
  • Rotate the “Sample Clamping wheel” anti-clockwise to insert the Zero plate in the sample holder slot.
  • Clamp the zero plate by rotating the wheel in clockwise direction.
  • Adjust the zero plate with ball surface by rotating the “Test gear wheel” in forward direction
  • Adjust the dial gauge to zero (0) at this position.
  • Now remove zero plate and the machine is ready to commence the test.
  • Take the metal plate sample that you need to test.
  • Open the “Sample clamping wheel” by rotating it anticlockwise to place the sample in sample placement area.
  • Place the sample and clamp it firmly through “Sample clamping wheel”
  • Now test the sample by rotating “Test gear wheel” in clockwise direction and tighten the punching ball to end position of spindle bush.
  • Always keep a view at dial gauge to check correct stiffness of the sheet
  • On failure of sample, note the reading on the dial indicator / gauge.
  • Release the pressure by moving the “Test gear wheel” in the anticlockwise direction.
  • Release the “Sample clamping wheel” and remove the sample from the sample holder slot.

Presto’s Cupping machine is the best device to perform ductility test on metal plates. For more information, visit: www.prestogroup.com/

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