Test the Quality of Plastic Bags Packaging with Testing Machines

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Use of Plastic Packing in Food and Beverages (F&B) Industry plays a crucial role in maintaining the freshness and hygiene of the product. Due to nonreactive properties of plastic, different forms of plastic packings are used, like sachet, pouches, bags and so on.

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We cannot say that one type is preferred over other. What more important here is the quality of the packet that is being used. If a sachet is used to maintain the hygiene and it is keeping the content intact, it would be more preferred. To produce high-quality plastic packing, first, the requirements need to be understood. The properties of the packing should comply with the demands of the customer. Majorly, properties like seal strength, leakage, impact strength are tested. 

Plastic packing testing instruments are widely used to understand the behavior of the packing in real working conditions. The packing should not fail during filling, storage, and transportation. Vacuum leak tester, heat sealer, dart impact tester, peel strength tester, scuff resistance tester are commonly used in plastic packing manufacturing units. 

Heat SealerTo Seal the Plastic Bags

A heat sealer is primarily used for sealing the plastic packings. There are different factors that contribute to making a good quality seal. Pressure, temperature range and dwell time are widely considered factors. The device is used to seal the packets perfectly by producing the optimum amount of heat in order to maintain the freshness of the products.

Dart Impact TestersTo test the Impact Resistance of Plastic Films

Dart impact strength determines the resistance of the plastic films against the free falling of blunt object on the packet. In this test, a predefined load is made to fall on the packet using a missile style dart. If the packet withstands the test, it is declared as pass. 

Vacuum Leak TestersFor Leakage of Plastic Pouches

This test determines the quality of the sealing process, whether the seals made by heat sealer are not leaky. The packet is exposed to a vacuum for certain time to see the behavior. The air inside the inflates at first. As soon as the vacuum is released, the packet should restore its original shape. If this doesn’t happen, the packet is declared as failed and sealing process is considered again.

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