Test the Resistance of Material to Flame with Flammability Tester

Test the Resistance of Material to Flame with Flammability Tester

The resistance of the material to flame is tested in many industries such as in automotive to determine the resistance of the internal material to flame. This test can be performed in the testing laboratories with the help of a testing instrument i.e. Flammability Tester. The flammability resistance can be determined by placing the specimen horizontal, vertical or at 45-degree to measure the burn rate of the material from different angles which are kept for the test. The test sample is placed inside the cabinet i.e. also known as the combustion chamber and flame from the Bunsen burner is provided with the clamped material. The ration of the burnt distance of the sample to that of time taken to burn helps to offer an actual measure of flammability.

A vertical flammability tester is a specialized laboratory apparatus used to assess the flammability and fire resistance of materials, textiles, fabrics, and other products. It is commonly utilized in various industries, including textiles, automotive, aerospace, and construction, to determine how a material will behave when exposed to an open flame.

Presto Stantest, being one of the renowned manufacturers of testing instrument all across the globe, completely understands the requirement of testing and manufactures a broad range of flammability testers with different specifications that help to fulfill the testing requirements for a large number of customers.

Technical Specification & Features of Presto’s Flammability Tester

Presto’s Flammability Tester is mainly designed to test the interior of automotive. The instrument comprises of a combustion chamber in which the test is conducted, a test sample holder on which the sample is clamped or placed, a Bunsen burner which is connected to an LPG cylinder to generate flame in the device and timer to set the initial time of flame and to record application time.

The combustion chamber of the unit is designed using 14 SWG stainless steel material which comprises of toughened transparent glass window on the front panel that helps to observe the effects on the sample during the test procedure. The instrument is provided with eleven or 12 ventilation holes of 12.7mm diameter each which are provided at an equal distance that maintains the ventilation of the device during the Flammability Test. The instrument is set appropriately on a 10mm high foot rest. A sliding channel to slide the sample holder inside the device is provided with the horizontal and vertical model and front open sliding door to place the sample in case of 45-degree model are provided.

Moreover, the device is provided with the Bunsen burner which is assembled in the chamber so that the tip of the burner is located just below the initial point of the sample. The ash collection plate is provided with the device which is placed inside the chamber to collect the ash and can be moved outside of the combustion chamber which is the best part to maintain and the device easily.

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