Test the Top Load Strength of PET Bottles with the Top Load Tester

Top Load Tester

The usage of containers & bottles is widespread all across industries that manufacture or deal in fluid-related or packaging products. These containers & bottles carry beverages, pharma medicines, other perishable items as well as non-perishable yet sensitive items. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to maintain a good quality product with top-notch packaging.

These containers & bottles undergo severe hazards during storage & transit as they are thrown around, stacked together as well as tested under various conditions in order to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction when the product reaches the end consumer.

The stacking during storage & transit for space management might cause damage due to the poor quality or uncertainty in the production which will result in hampering the brand reputation because of the compromised consumer satisfaction.

To avoid such an incident or situation it becomes vital for the manufacturer of the container or bottle to undertake a testing measure to evaluate the ability of the manufactured product to withstand buckling load. It is important not to confuse buckling load with compression because buckling evaluates the lateral bending on the other hand, the compression force determines the reduction in volume.

Aiding manufacturers from related industries, the Presto Group has emerged as the guardian of testing by providing the most advanced lab testing instrument called the top load tester. The instrument is designed with extreme precision to aid the manufacturer in saving hefty losses by ensuring precise manufacturing and assisting the brands with unrealized gains through consumer satisfaction.

Let us dive into the functioning mechanism of the instrument to find out how the instrument delivers accurate testing results over & over again.

Working Mechanism of the Top Load Tester

The top load tester is an extremely advanced lab testing instrument that not only promises accuracy but also ensures operator-friendly functioning to enhance familiarity and allow expedited testing measures.

To begin with the testing measures, the first & foremost step is to place the specimen above the motorized platform. The operator must make sure that the diameter of the base of the specimen is less than the diameter of the motorized platform.

Once the specimen is placed correctly, the operator can simply position the specimen and turn the top load tester for PET bottle on from the dedicated rotary switch.

The lab testing instrument has a lead screw assembly for the movement of the motorized platform. The lead screw ensures that the movement is stable and smooth. The upper plate of the instrument remains stationary but the lower platform moves in an upward direction.

The movement of the lower platform forces an exertion of pressure on the specimen kept between the plates. The specimen bears the pressure as long as possible but after the peak buckling load, the sample getting tested experiences a lateral bend in the form of deformation which determines its vulnerability.

The peak buckling load that the specimen was able to withstand before the deformation or lateral bend is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display. The operator can simply track the record by using the memory hold button and adhere to it in the future for comparison purposes.

This is how the lab testing instrument conducts the top load test over PET bottles as well as containers with absolute accuracy & precision. The instrument’s accuracy-driven approach can be witnessed through the top-quality attributes imbibed within the machinery.

Top-Quality Attributes of the Top Load Tester

The instrument is equipped with highly advanced features that ensure the smooth functioning of the device and also attracts the attention of manufacturers from all over industries.

The most prominent feature that has gained the assurance of manufacturers is the construction of the equipment with such high-class materials. The equipment is made up of lab-grade stainless steel material along with a chrome & zinc coating over metalling materials to make sure that they are free from corrosion & rusting.

The instrument offers an inverted assembly of the compression plates that provides a buckling load. The inverted assembly provides a zero-slippage guarantee of the specimen during the conduction of the test.

The top load tester for PET bottles is equipped with a    microprocessor-based digital display that indicates accurate results along with a peak hold feature & memory hold button by the feather touch controls associated with the control panel that promotes the single-handed testing measures and also enhances the testing speed.

Another feature that has motivated manufacturers from different industries to get their hands on the instrument is the availability of standard compliances as it regains the trust of operators and makes sure that the manufacturer is satisfied with the testing techniques of the instrument.

The top load tester also offers an in-house calibration that enables the operator to test the accuracy of the instrument and keep the assurance high by eradicating all doubts regarding the achieved results.

All these top-notch features & quality attributes combine together to provide a seamless & futuristic testing experience to manufacturers from industries related to container, bottle manufacturing & fluid packaging. To achieve an even better testing experience and perform tests in an expedited manner.

Book Yourself a Top Load Tester As Soon As Possible

If you also want to evaluate the ability of containers & PET bottles to withstand buckling load strength by conducting the finest top load test, get your hands on the Presto-made top load tester. The instrument is the pinnacle of accuracy-driven results due to its high-end manufacturing.

Do not wait any further and place an order for the instrument right away by reaching out to us via phone at +91 9210903903 or e-mailing us your feedback regarding the after-sales service or the product condition at info@prestogroup.com. If you have any further queries or inquiries, the information regarding all the lab testing instruments including the top load tester for PET bottles is provided on our website to help you assist better.

We would love to welcome you to be a part of the Presto family & help us serve you better.

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