Top 5 Features of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

Top 5 Features of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

If you are working in the food or pharmaceutical industry, then you probably have an idea about the need of checking oxygen content. With the invention of multiple technologies for analyzing oxygen in products, more and more companies are delivering quality products to their customers. Among these technologies, one of the highest quality equipment is an Oxygen analyzer that has been made to assure your product will be free of damage. This amazing testing instrument has been designed with a solid-state battery system (oxygen concentration cell) using a Zirconia solid-state electrolyte cell.

A Zirconia oxygen analyzer utilizes the fact that the EMF (Electro Motive Force) in the high-temperature state varies in proportion to only the temperature, and the logarithm of the oxygen partial pressure ratio between the electrodes. This system has the feature that oxygen concentration can be measured at high precision, with a rapid response speed. This oxygen analyzer enables the measurement of the concentration of oxygen in inert gas using the above function. Let’s get deep into the information about this amazing laboratory testing equipment.

How Zirconia oxygen analyzer helps in measuring oxygen content?

The LC-450F Zirconia oxygen level analyzer is one of the most powerful and amazing testing equipment that will help to display oxygen concentration of the packaging materials like food packages, medicines etc. With the help of this laboratory testing equipment, you will be able to deliver high-quality material to your customers.

This oxygen concentration analyzer will help you to check the gas concentration in the packaging product with ease. With its sticky pen-shaped, sampling probe, you can measure the content of oxygen present in the package. To make it work efficiently, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Connect the sampling probe and foot switch/measurement switch to the machine.

Step 2: Once you select the needle for testing, you can easily attach it with the sampling probe.

Step 3: When you switch on the machine, press CAL for 3 seconds then CAL A will appear on display.

Step 4: You can wait for approx. three to four minutes for warm-up.

Step 5: After completion of 3-4 minutes, attach the rubber sheet to test the sample effectively.

Step 6: Press CAL for 3 more seconds and go back to the measurement display.

Step 7: Insert the needle in the attached rubber sheet and press measurement/footswitch for measuring oxygen percentage.

Step 8
: You can easily display the oxygen percentage in the sample.

With these easy steps, you will get an accurate measurement of oxygen present in the packaging product. You can also read about why an oxygen analyzer is the best testing equipment for measuring oxygen content. Now, let us focus on the top 5 features of using a Zirconia oxygen analyzer.

Top-grade features of Zirconia oxygen analyzer

This highly advanced testing equipment from Toray has been equipped with top-quality features that will surely help you with measuring oxygen levels. It consists of various functionalities that will help to operate this testing equipment without getting any errors. Here we have created a list of different features of the Zirconia oxygen analyzer.

  1. A high-quality Zirconia solid-state electrolyte cell made with a special manufacturing technique is used for the oxygen sensor, and thus it is possible to measure oxygen concentration with high precision.
  2. The principle of operation and structure is simple, and the unit is compact, so handling is easy.
  3. The oxygen sensor is specially treated, and thus durability is superior to previous products.
  4. This oxygen analyzer is compliant with the RoHS directive and more environment-friendly than a conventional oxygen analyzer by reducing power consumption.
  5. The necessary sampling amount for measurement is small.

With these top-grade features, we are sure that you will get accurate testing results. Now, you know the advanced features of this testing equipment, we will provide you with information about its technical specifications.

Technical specification of oxygen analyzer

  • Communication method: Single-way transmission
  • Interface: Conformed to RS-232C standard
  • Synchronization method : Start-stop synchronization
  • Character configuration: 10 bits
  • Baud Rate: Selection among 19200/9600/4800 bps. The standard product is shipped in 9600 bps setting
  • Control code: ASCII code (JIS 7-bit code compatible with alphabetic letters)
  • Communication cable: RS232C cross (reverse) cable

These are the technical specifications you will get with the Zirconia oxygen analyzer. While operating this testing equipment, you need to follow some precautions. You can read about the precautions of operating a zirconia oxygen analyzer here. If you need any more information regarding this testing equipment, then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our technical team of experts will assist you with all your queries.

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