Top Load Tester Your One-Stop Solution for PET Bottle Testing

Top Load Tester Your One-Stop Solution for PET Bottle Testing

The manufacturing of plastic bottles has been on a dramatic rise over recent years and is expected to continue growing at an exponential rate. One of the most popular types of these plastics is polyethylene terephthalate or PET bottles which are used for everything from disposable water bottles to soda pop containers. Therefore, the need for these bottle testing has also been on a rise for the past few years. One of the best testing instruments for testing the PET bottle strength is the Presto top load tester. The Top load tester provided by Presto is designed to provide digital compressive buckling load value. The operation of this testing instrument is fully automatic and motorized. The digital display offered with the instrument offers an easy reading of the test results with better accuracy. The instrument offered by presto is equipped with efficient jaws that are designed to provide a better grip on the test samples. Along with that, there is a load cell provided with the instrument for accurate measurement of the force applied to the test sample.

Here in this blog, we will provide you with brief information about Presto top load tester digital model and how it helps to improve your PET bottle quality. So, let us get started!

Presto top load tester: An affordable solution for quality control

Testing has been an integral part of determining how well a product meets its intended use, but it's even more important now that we need testing to ensure safety as well. New performance standards are set for jar and container manufacturing with the goal of providing only high-quality products. Therefore, with the help of Presto's top load tester, you will easily be able to understand the top load value of PET bottles. You will get an idea about the quality of bottles and how well they can withstand the external buckling load.

By testing the top load quality of PET bottles, you will be able to be sure that the bottles are safe to use and can hold the item till high buckling compression load. When the PET bottles are packed for shipping and transportation then they are stacked over one another. Therefore, it is important to test your top load of these PET bottles so that no damage will occur although sometimes stacking can cause dents in packages; luckily there's a way around this problem. Using Presto top-load testing machine will help you ensure that the bottles are safe to deliver and can withstand external forces.

The key features of using Presto top load tester digital model are:

  • High testing range of up to 100 kgf.
  • Compression plates for proper placement of the test specimen.
  • Advanced peak load indicator for accurate readout and storage of test results.
  • Limit switches protection for the protection of grips and the machine.
  • Powder-coated body with corrosion resistance.
  • The testing speed of the top load testing equipment is 25 mm/min
  • A safety feature has been installed so that there will be no harm faced by quality engineers while testing.
  • Load accuracy: ±3% full scale (with the master load.)
  • The Maximum Load range that can be tested is 100 kgf.

Top load testers are an essential tool for quality control in any bottling line. These above-mentioned features make them vital to the production process. It also has a rugged exterior with high impact resistance which ensures durability during shipment or storage conditions. These testers will make sure that your product gets delivered in perfect condition.

At Presto, you will find different models of Top load tester machine that makes it easy for you to test the bottles more efficiently. Here is the list of several models from Presto top load testers.

  • Top Load Tester Digital (100 Kgf) Model No. PTL-0105
  • Top Load Tester - Digital Cum Computerized (100kgf) Model No. PTL-0105 (C) (Wintest)
  • Top Load Tester Prima Series
  • Top Load Tester Twin Screw Digital Motorized Model PTL 0107 for Jars   

You can choose any of these models by enquiring us at +91 129 4272727 or emailing us at Our experts will make sure that you get the right testing instrument at affordable prices.


Bottle manufacturing companies cannot function without top load testers. They’re an essential tool for quality control in any bottling line, and they ensure that your product will get delivered to customers in perfect condition with high impact resistance and durability. If you need assistance purchasing or maintaining these testers, we can help! We have a variety of models available at different price points so contact us today to find out more about our selection and how we can help with your needs.

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