Top Load Testers Protecting The Pet Bottles From Damage

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During the transit and warehousing process, the PET bottles are used for packaging of a variety of products and materials for their safety. These containers are primarily used for packaging of liquid products such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and so forth. Extra care, safety and hygiene are vital factors for these packaging because it relates to the life of the end users. The quality of the PET bottles is essential to provide the best quality PET bottles to the clients. Therefore, a proper quality test must be performed using the testing instruments before supplying to the end users. The laboratory testing equipments tests the quality of food item, beverages, soil, water and many more.

The PET bottles are transported in the form of small pallets stacked one upon another that causes high exertion of a very high amount of compressive force on the lowest layer of the pallets. This can cause deformation of the PET bottles and could be a major cause of contamination and damage to the products inside the bottles. The top load tester is effective for determining the stacking capacity of the PET bottles when they are being transported or stacked in the warehouse. During the testing process, a compressive load is exerted on the PET bottles from the top direction until they are deformed. This is performed to get the value of the maximum amount of compressive force that the bottles can bear prior to deformation.

Top load tester – Solution for quality maintenance

Presto is a leading manufacturer for providing a high quality of testing instruments for Thailand that are widely used for quality assurance in PET industries. For more technical info on Top Load Testers, Please refer to our website or call our experts for any query related to the testing instruments, Thailand.

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