Top Load Testing of PET Bottles

Top Load Testing of PET Bottles

PET packaging has the properties to withstand different environmental conditions. Which is why it has become a preferred choice of the manufacturers and consumers as well. Also, there is a human mindset that plastic can bear  different types of internal and external factors. So, as a consumer, we rely more on plastic packings than metallic or glass packings. PET packing is reliable due to its non-reactive properties. Thus, it is capable of storing acids, cleaning agents and other materials of similar properties. Plastic is available in different forms and PET is one of them and considered high quality in consumer goods industry. To make every product successful, it becomes important to put it under testing conditions. 

Top load tester is widely used in the PET bottle industry. This test reveals the stacking load-bearing capacity of the bottles when stored in a warehouse or during the transits. In this test, a load from the top is applied on the specimen in a controlled manner. This force is applied until deformity or buckling appears.

Why Top Load Testing is Important?

  • PET bottles are used for different applications like for storing liquids, powder, capsules, candies etc. Irrespective of the application, there should be known minimum strength to resist the deformity. In case of failure of the top load test, the PET bottle design should be reconsidered.

  • Top load test determines the weak points in the bottles when the bottle falls freely carrying weight. Apart from that, this test detects the flaws in blow moulding line if buckling is repeated occurring on the same point.      
  • Downgauging is much in trend due to its cost-effectiveness. While minimizing the thickness of the bottles, there could be chances of development of weak points. In research labs, experimentation and testing are done back to back. Top load testing plays an important role while engineering down gauged version of a bottle.

Top load tester is a very useful instrument for testing of the different product range of PET, like jars and containers. Apart from that, other materials like wooden boxes, corrugated boxes, barrels can also be tested by incorporating customization in the machine.

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