Top Load Testing Standards & Methods

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Light-weighting is an important parameter which needs to be considered with all packaging containers. Lightweight can be achieved only by reducing the volume of material used in manufacturing the packaging containers. It is also important to ensure that using less raw materials must not results in weaker containers of poor quality that fails and collapse during its working life. Top Load testing is one of the highly accurate and reliable methods that helps to measure the integrity of the containers.

Manufacturing all types of containers specifically plastics such as PET bottles and Jars ensures that products can easily withstand the external forces that usually occur at the time of refilling or capping, stacking or warehousing. The manufacturers of testing instruments understand the importance and requirement of light weighing that arises in PET industries and offers an affordable range of Top Load Testers. These testers help the manufacturers in PET industries to measure the top load strength of the PET products in accordance with ASTM and ISO standard test methods.

ASTM Standard for Compression Test / TOP Load Test

Below mentioned are the standards that explain the top load strength testing procedure to measure the quality of PET products.

  • ASTM D642-00 (2010) – Standard method to determine the compressive resistance of components, shipping containers, and unit loads.
  • ASTM D4577-05 (2010) – Standard method for measuring the compression resistance of a container under continuous load.
  • ASTM D4169-09 – Standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers.

Presto Stantest offers a wide range of Top Load testers to test the top load strength of the bottles. The testing instruments are intended as per the standards provided by reputed organizations such as ASTM.

Specifications of Presto’s Range of Top Load Testers

The versatility of Presto’s range of Top-load Testers makes them suitable for the manufacturers in testing industries to measure the top load strength and characteristics of all instruments that are manufactured in PET bottles manufacturing industries. Presto offers customized testing machines to fulfill diversified requirement of the customers for different test applications.

Key Features

The key features of Presto’s range of Top-Load Tester – HMI is:

  • Offers quick-and-easy operation for all operators.
  • Results in ‘Pass/Fail’ criteria.
  • Password-protected login for operators that ensure complete traceability.
  • Measure peak compressive strength.
  • Measure load at a specified deflection.

Configuration of the Top-Load Tester – HMI

  • Rugged construction
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen panel for test selection
  • USB ports enable data transfer to an external PC or network.
  • Dedicated compression plates for top-load testing
  • Different Load cell provided for different test applications.

For more information on Top Load testers different models, contact our experts.

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