Understanding Corrugated Cardboard

Understanding Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated boards are being used in different industries for packaging since centuries. It is used in different forms and sizes. A corrugated board is constructed by packing corrugated flutes in liner board. This structure can be multi-layer as well, for better shock absorption and structural strength. Corrugated boards have properties which are making them perfectly suitable for packings. They can be shaped in different sizes and shapes, they are lightweight, less expensive and recyclable. Instruments like edge crush tester, box compression tester, cobb size tester, puncture resistance tester are widely used to test different properties.

A corrugated packing is capable of bearing shocks to some extent, which is why it is important to test certain properties. This helps in releasing care instructions to the carrier company. In this post, we will highlight different types of papers used for manufacturing of CFBs. 
Types of Paper
Corrugated fibre boards are made up of different types of paper. Thus, the strength of the paper, the properties of paper contribute a lot in deciding the strength and, sometimes, the appearance of the final CFB. 
Kraft Paper : It is made from virgin fibre by using soft woods of sustainable forests. It is treated with sulphate during the process. Due to its high bursting strength and virgin properties, it is often used in making liner boards. 
Waste-Based : It is completely made up from recycled paper. During the processing, some chemicals are added into it to provide the strength and aesthetic characteristics. 
Semi-Chemical : It is made up using a high quantity of virgin fibre extracted from hardwoods. It is then treated with neutral sulphite. The semi-chemical board has high strength and highly tolerable to damp conditions. 
Test Paper: Test paper is usually manufactured in 3 grades, Grade 1 : It usually has a high amount of virgin fibre on the outer surface of the recycled fibres. Grade 2 : It is usually made up of recycled fibre. Grade 3 : It is also made up recycled fibres and mostly used in flutes. 
Like it is mentioned above that property of the paper used in the manufacturing of CFB decides the properties. Instruments like edge crush tester, box compression tester, cobb size tester, puncture resistance tester are widely used to test different properties. However, there are certain tests that are performed directly on the corrugated board, while some are performed on the final corrugated box. To know more about instruments like box compression tester, drop tester, etc. call our experts. These instruments are used for testing the strength of the box. 

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