Understanding the Importance of Box Compression Strength

Understanding the Importance of Box Compression Strength
During the time of transporting materials from one place to another, the corrugated or carton boxes which are majorly used for packaging are exposed to vertical compressive load. This corrugated packaging must ensure maximum strength and protection as usually this is the only packaging layer which is put to deliver safety the secondary layer are not that much hard or tough to produce protection for the products. Thus, it is very important the corrugated boxes manufactured to deliver maximum resistance towards buckling load. For this one can test the quality of their manufactured box using a box compression tester.
The improvement in compression resistance strength is depended on various factors. The design of the structure of the manufactured box or container. Its size, shape and detail dimensions matter a lot. The product which is carried in the box must support the package. For instance, if the product is heavy metal ball then it is obvious that the box will burst. It should be something suitable and lighter. The transport used, the road quality, the loading method and so on.

Box compression tester is used to evaluate the compression strength as per standards

In order to avoid such damages, you must opt for best-corrugated sheet material and the process of production must also be taken care of. You must not always trust the factual information of the material. You should yourself test its quality and categorize its application. For example, a comparatively less strong corrugated box may be used for carrying cotton and stronger boxes can be used to carry glass objects.
Box compression tester is a unique testing machinery which is used to simulate the maximum predictable compressive load under which the carton or corrugated boxes can be checked. It quantifies the testing values as in how much time the product survived how much of compressive load. With this type of quantification, one can easily understand and make positive changes in the production process.
According to some research and technical data, it has been found that predicting the compressive strength of carton boxes can be possible for a limit. But it is enough to understand the customer requirement and improve the box quality.

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