Use of Tensile Strength Tester in Various Industries

Use of Tensile Strength Tester in Various Industries

Tensile strength is one of the most important factors that need to be taken care of when you manufacture a material. It is considered to be the ability of a material to withstand the tensile loads without getting any failure. Testing the tensile strength of metals is essential because the metals are likely to rupture easily. Metals will get cracked when stressed cannot be transformed during hammering. Thus, you can easily make use of a tensile strength tester is one of the most useful instruments that are designed by skilled experts at Presto. This testing instrument will easily do the tensile strength test of the material. With the help of this tensile strength tester machine, you will be able to determine the force that will be required to break the material.

You can easily determine the tensile strength of the material with the help of this testing instrument. The amount of force needed to elongate it will be measured easily. There are various applications of tensile strength testing equipment from Presto.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about each one of them. So, let us get started!

Various applications of tensile strength tester

The tensile strength tester testing equipment is used in various industries to check the tensile strength of various materials. We have created a list of different industries in which the tensile strength test machine is used. You can read about them below!

  • Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, the use of a tensile strength tester is very crucial. It will be helpful in checking the strength of the seat belt as well as the seat foam rubber of the car seat. Also, you can use it in exterior fittings like doors and window seals, mirrors etc. Using this testing equipment, you can also make a quality assessment in interior fittings like airbags, dashboards, and handbrake levers.

  • Metal industry

The tensile strength tester machine is widely used in the metal as well as in the construction industry to perform quality tests on lightweight and high-strength materials. It will also be used to test the tensile strength of steel preparation and produce materials with the right ductility. This will ensure the quality and safety of materials. Thus, you can easily choose various models of tensile strength tester like a computerized model, digital model, and digital cum computerized model. These models are equipped with several amazing features that will ease your tensile testing work and help to improve the quality of materials. You will get an immediate analysis of results with the help of this testing instrument.  

  • Electrical industry

With the help of this testing machine from Presto, you can easily conduct tensile straining of conductive film and substrate used in flexible electronics. This will also help to determine the mechanical and electrical behaviour of the machines. You can also check the withdrawal force of connectors through the tensile strength test. Thus it will be easy for you to get high-quality testing results by the use of this testing equipment.

  • Paper and packaging industry

You can easily measure the strength of plastics, paper and boards with this tensile strength tester. This testing equipment will determine the force required to open packaging or tearing of the seal. You can easily know the tensile properties of paper that can fed automotive machines.

These are some amazing applications of using tensile strength testing equipment from Presto. Thus, you can easily purchase this testing instrument at the best prices from Presto.


Tensile tests are mostly conducted on materials to test the behaviour and tensile characteristics of a material by measuring the force required to elongate the specimen. Thus, you should make sure that the material should have the high tensile strength to provide good quality to your customers. Here we have given you brief information about the different applications of the tensile strength tester.

Industries like metal make use of this testing instrument more widely to determine the tensile strength. If you are searching for a reliable lab testing instruments service provider then we suggest you go with Presto Testing Instruments. Here you will get a wide variety of testing instruments that will help you to improve your product quality.

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