Using Peel/Seal/Bond Strength Tester to check adhesion strength of a product

Using Peel/Seal/Bond Strength Tester to check adhesion strength of a product

 Many types of tapes are used in packaging industries for sealing purpose such as printed fragile tape, PVC tape, Kraft paper tape etc. A peel test is conducted to check the adhesive strength between two flexible medias. The flexible medias can be rubber, polymers, tape, plastic material etc. Various conditions within which these materials are tested consist of many combinations of temperature, pre-treatment, and test speed depending on the standard. The strain rate differs with the loading rate in most adhesives. Fast peel test will damage the adhesive high peel force due to its elongation and slow peel test will stretch the adhesives due to low peel forces.Peel strength tester is effective testing machine to examine the peeling strength.

The purpose of peel tests is to check the adhesive strength between the two materials. The result can be used to analyse the firmness of the adhesive bond. Peel test gives accurate result to analyse the performance of adhesives, laminates and seals. The product performance and parameters of processing for example application of adhesives and curing ensure safe usage of products and conduct according to expected specifications keeping in mind the brand image.

Peel strength measures the average bond or peel strength per unit width of adhesive between two flexible medias like plastic films, tape etc. The common peel tests are 90 degree peel, 180 degree peel and T-peel. Peel strength tester is specifically designed to check the adhesive strength of the bond between two flexible medias. Selecting an appropriate peel tester machine is important to understand the sample geometry, size and strength features.
Peel/Seal/Bond strength tester measures the peel, tear and various frictional qualities of glues, adhesives, packaging, tapes etc. The equipment is designed as per international standard ASTM D 903. This machine has vast usage in industries that manufacture adhesive substance, tapes, sticker, plastic films etc. The equipment has a soft contact button, hi tech digital control, LED display, 20 kgf capacity, 0.001 kg resolution, and speed of 0.5 Kw with steel powder coated paint.
Presto Peel strength tester has an inbuilt calibration technique to set the machine according to the needs of the user. Offers two models computerized cum digital model and digital model.


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