Vacuum Leak Testing of PET Bottles

Vacuum Leak Testing of PET Bottles

PET bottles are available in different shapes and sizes. Depending upon the application and type of plastic, the moulding and blown process are chosen. It is not necessary that blown moulding produces superfine bottles when preforms were defect free. This is why it becomes important to perform the testing on bottles as well. Many manufacturers choose to perform the test on sampled bottles while many would like to go for the piece to piece testing for clients who the critical product is going to be packed in PET bottles. 

Most of the bottles are produced by using high-speed PET blow moulders. Bottles produced with this technique are used for carbonated drinks, sauces, dressings, cosmetics, shampoos, body wash etc. This process is considered as perfect for clear bottles with accurate neck finish.

Why is Leak Testing Important?

A bottle leak tester is used for several reasons and now has become almost mandatory for industries before rolling out the products. 
  • It is a functional test and can be performed on each bottle that is being produced. It is not a destructive test and manufacturer doesn’t have to rely on to sample testing. 
  • Critical defects can be identified using a visual assessment backed up by the instruments.
  • This will help in keeping a close tab on the blow moulding process. 
  • Early detection of defects helps in reducing the wastage during mass production and allows to take appropriate measures during the production
Vacuum leak tester is a combination of visual analysis done after the vacuum treatment of the bottle. The results can be obtained very fast which makes it perfect for the piece to piece testing in PET bottle industry.

Defects that can be identified with bottle leak tester machine

Holes and Cracks
Minute leaks and holes in the body of the bottles can easily get highlighted in vacuum leak test if they are not visible from naked eyes. Irrespective of the appearance and location of the leakage, small leaks in the container can be located which could be results of improper product selection. 
Defects in the seal
Seal surface nick, cocked neck, short shot, improper threads are the major reason for the leakage from the seals. If there is a leakage due to losing seals or defective seals that are leading to the failure of the bottle integrity can be figured out.
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