Visualize Impact Of Free Falls On Package Boxes With Drop Tester

Visualize Impact Of Free Falls On Package Boxes With Drop Tester

Why need to test package?

 The primary objective of carrier packages is that the product inside that package remains physically intact and protected. The quality of packaging material should remain uniform and reliable. These packages are transported through road, waterways, rail, air or combination of any of these transportation modes. Packages can directly fall from heights while handling or from stacks while loading and unloading packages.
Drop testing is a method of testing packages giving them a free fall from height. Repetitive testing of packages shows test results which can be visually noted. The machinery needed a rigid platform to lift and hold the packet, and stiff surface to bear the free fall force of a completely filled corrugated box.

Principle of Drop testing

  • The sample package is lifted and hold at a height.
  • The package is released from that height giving sample a free fall.
  • Before the test; height of release, atmospheric conditions and condition of the sample is pre-noted.
  • The impact surface, on which the package is dropped, is a horizontal spacious surface and must be rigid enough that it doesn’t get deformed with the sample’s weight force.
The machinery manufactured with International standard determines the impact on sample due to free falls. Some specifications of device are that the minimum height of testing is 0.75 m and maximum height is 1.8 m. It can test a sample with highest load of 50 kg on mounting plate dimensions of 465 mm*445 mm. There is angular holder for clamping and testing the sample at varied angles as 90°or 45°.  That is drop test can be straight and angular testing a sample edge wise, corner wise and flat surface.
Presto Drop Tester- Pneumatic model have motorized wing controller giving it a lift speed of 100mm/min. Maximum test sample weight is increased to 60 kg and holder, drop height dimensions are modified. The pneumatic model is making it easier and safe for operating.

Standard Of Drop Tester 

This device complies of the international standard of IS:7028 Pt IV which checks the performance of the complete, filled, packed transport packages. Test under the standard is defined as the vertical impact test by dropping.
The device possesses endurance and is reliable for repetitive drop tests giving accurate results every single time. It ensures the quality of package boxes to their best. 

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