What Compression Test Determines About The Box Packaging?

Compression Test Determines

When the force from the opposite sides is applied in the inward direction, it is called compressive force. In certain industries, it is very important to judge the calibre of the material to bear the compressive force. Especially in the packaging industry, where you can just estimate the subjected conditions. To make things adaptable for extreme working conditions, quality testing becomes very important. The quality testing includes the following:

  • Compressive strength test
  • Tensile strength test
  • Humidity testing
  • Bursting strength testing

These are a few examples of tests that are performed on packaging materials. If we talk specifically about box packaging industry, knowing the compressive strength of corrugated box is the first and prime thing to do.

How to do a compression strength test?

You cannot calculate the compressive strength of the box by knowing some values. You need a standardized instrument to do the job. A box compression tester is the thing that you need. It has a digital control box attached to it, pneumatic rods to move the compression plate up and down. In this test, a preset load is applied on the box for a set duration of time. This determines how the box will respond when stacked. It does not check the box to a point till it collapses, that is not the aim of this test.

Why Compressive Strength test is Important?

Corrugated boxes are often stacked on one another to certain layers. It means that the box must have the capacity to bear the load for longer duration and not collapse. To check for how long the box will be able to bear the load, it is important to check the compression strength of the box. A box which appears strong at first may get deformed after a period when subjected to continuous pressure. To estimate, if the box can withstand the intended load for intended time is the aim of this test.


On the extended note, if the box deforms to what level it manages to protect the contents inside. Sometimes, the dimensions of the box and content have enough margin to bear the strain. Here, minute deformation would not affect the content inside very much, either due to margin or protective wrapping inside.
Compressive Strength vs Tensile Strength 

Often, people debate over the use of box compression tester with tensile strength tester. Well, there is no way with which you can estimate compressive strength if tensile strength is known or vice-a-versa. The two different instruments with two different principles are used to measure these parameters of compression strength and tensile strength. Compromising on any of these may lead to product failure and sometimes the results are disastrous.

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