Why is E-Commerce Industry Insisting on Quality Check for Their Packings?

Why is E-Commerce Industry Insisting on Quality Check for Their Packings

E-commerce industry is very competitive, for the store owner and for producers tying up with them. With every day a new e-store is launching, giants are facing a tough time in keeping up their monopoly. Bargain sales is one way to impulse the customer for buying. However, delivering a quality product in eye-catching packing is another way. And, trust me, the later one has long sustenance in the market. It is the duty of the retailers to deliver the quality as promised in the promotion. And, the product should reach in intact condition, because end customer would not accept any justification for damaged product due to faulty packing.  

How to improve the quality of the packings?

Corrugated boxes, cellophane sheets, bubble wraps, plastics bags with tamper-proof seals are some common packings which are being used widely. Water proof packings are preferred. You must have noticed that air bags are used for cushioning the contents of the packings. But, the most important thing is to seal the product in right way. If seal gets broken, there are huge chances of damage. Second, the customer does not accept tampered seals. This leads to straightway rejection of the parcel. The sealing technique that is being incorporated should be tested well for its strength.

How to check the peel strength?

Peel strength – As the name shows, the force required to separate the adhesive layer from the substrates is peel strength. We cannot estimate the strength manually. A highly precise peel strength tester is required. A sample is clamped in the fixtures of the machine. It has one movable grip, while the other is stationary. The upper movable jaw starts pulling the one end of the sample. The test is performed at two angles 90° and 180°. It is a noteworthy thing that sample is tested under specified conditions. E.g. temperature and humidity.

It is a well-known fact that humidity is the biggest enemy of the adhesion. As the humidity increases, the bonding strength starts decreasing. So, it is always advised to estimate the peeling strength after treating the sample environmental condition, humidity. The peel strength tester might give different observations for treated and untreated samples. Depending upon the intended working conditions, it is important to treat the sample.

However, temperature doesn’t contribute too much in affecting adhesive properties. But it might impact the properties of the substrates. E.g. Cellophane gets highly affected by very high and very low temperature.

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