Long Awaited Humidity Test Chamber-Prima Series Launched By Presto


After a long time of research and development, finally, Presto Stantest, the testing instruments giant, has launched its newly developed products that are Humidity chamber-Digital computerized-Prima Series. The instruments are used in laboratories and industrial labs to create a desired level of Humidity in a closed chamber to test the impact of that humidity on the properties of the specimen. The instrument is useful in a variety of industries such as textiles, paper, and packaging, plastics, etc. The technical team of Presto states that the instrument is very easy and simple to operate and along with ease of use, there is also a focus given to the safety of use of the device.

The technical head of the team told that the instrument is designed in such a manner that it is able to create the exact replication of the environmental factors such as vibration, humidity, temperature, altitude, atmospheric pressure and so forth. The quick change rate of the temperature in humidity chamber helps in the rapid testing of the samples at different temperatures. The testing device is designed for an easy and simple operation which helps in the accurate testing of the samples along with safety.

Talking about the technical specifications of the product, Mr. Gaurav Malhotra, the CEO of the company told that the device is able to create a temperature range from 50 C to 650 C. The humidity level that can be achieved through the instrument is from ambient to 95%. Then he added that the device is also featured with an RTC based timer device that has a range up to 99.99 minutes. The accessories that are provided with the instrument include heater based on solid state relay, compressor and the control outputs for the humidifier. The device is also equipped with an RS-232 interface for easy data logging. The instrument has been designed as per the quality standards ASTM D 1776 and ASTM D 1776 M-15.

Mr. Malhotra told that he was expecting a great response from the industries for the product.

To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call/WhatsApp at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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