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PRESTO®strongly believes in the education for the girl child. India with it’s diverse cultural heritage has prospered by leaps and bounds but still the girl child is given second preference in smaller towns and villages.We at PRESTO® have taken up this initiative by funding the education of a small group of children upto their matriculation.

Their academic progress is monitored on a monthly basis and our team ensures that the students attend school regularly and the funds are utilised in a proper manner.

PRESTO®has taken up the cause of providing free computer education to the underprivileged. Understanding the importance of computers in our daily lives and also in the progress of the country, PRESTO® PRESTO has initiated this education drive where free classes are given to children between the age group of 6 to 15 years in and around our factory. The classes are undertaken 3 times a week and basics of computers are taught to make them computer literate.

PRESTO®has extended it’s support to 185 children of the SOS Village in Faridabad by providing weekend computer classes in their premises. The entire computer centre has been adopted by our team of certified computer professionals to impart basic computer knowledge.

We at PRESTO® believe in the holistic upbringing of all children no matter from which social strata they come from. The most important childhood memories should be cherished for the whole life, our intent has been to make a difference in every child’s life whom we touch. The only legacy we can leave behind is our good deeds and our love for others. As a socially responsible organisation we will always strive to fulfil our obligations


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