PRESTO has started it's customer connect through the latest social media tool : Facebook.

latest social media tool

This opens a new chapter in the digital foyer for the company. It's new page on facebook : has a like button, once you press the 'like' button you will automatically be enrolled into our database and you would regularly get news, updates and technological advances details right on in your facebook page.

We at PRESTO have been at the forefront of innovation all through our 29 years of history, the latest being the implementation of a new ERP system in our factory, this would help in our enterprise resource planning leading to lower cost for the customer and better productivity leading to shorter delivery schedules. The highly advanced software ensures that we follow the best industry practices in our production flow thereby leading to better process selection and faster customer response. The exceptional credit goes to our dynamic director Mr. Gaurav Malhotra who conceived and piloted the entire implementation program along with the energetic IT & Accounts team. The successful launch marked a new system driven era at PRESTO !

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