Presto Introduces Its Latest Addition to Its Prima Series-TDS Conductivity Meter


Presto Stantest has added a new product to its newly launched series of testing instruments, the Prima series. The latest instrument added to this range is the TDS conductivity meter that will be very helpful for the industries in the improvement of the quality of their products. The instrument has many other new features that were not there in the older version of the instrument. The instrument is intended to provide easy and accurate measuring of the TDS conductivity of a given solution in industries. In this way, the industries will be able to provide the best quality of solutions to the clients.

Talking to the technical team of the company, they told that the instrument is a very advanced version that can act as a TDS conductivity meter as well as pH meter, resistivity meter, and salinity meter too. The instrument is designed to work in a harsh industrial environment where it has to face exposure to different chemicals and solutions and hence can withstand such harsh conditions. The easy to operate software of the device ensures accurate and precise test findings. In addition to that, the instrument is also provided with an LCD screen which allows the user to read the test findings easily during the test for accurate results.

The instrument is incorporated with high-end sensors that detect the conductivity of the solutions with great ease. The instrument can operate in a wide range of temperatures from 0 to 1050 C. the accuracy of temperature offered by the device is ±0.50 C, and ±0.90 C. The equipment is provided with a manual and automatic hold functions and the ergonomic and lightweight design helps in easy operation of the instruments. The instruments are also in strict compliance with the international standards such as ASTM, DIN, NIST, JIS, ISO and so forth.

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