Presto Launches Its New Vacuum Leak Tester with Many New Features


Presto has announced the launch of yet another highly advanced testing instruments in its new prima series of testing instruments. The giant in the field of testing instruments has introduced the Vacuum leak tester with LCD display and thermal printer that will be best for testing the leakages in the samples in packaging industries. The instrument uses a very high amount of vacuum to detect any leakage or pinholes in the sample and ensure their integrity. The instrument is appropriate for the industries such as cardboard packages manufacturing, foiled cups and so forth.

The technical staff of the company stated that the device is featured with many latest attributes and technology that were not present in the previous versions of the instrument. The digital graphical LCD display of the device helps the users in the easy and simple reading of the test results. There are up to 20 programmers that can be used in the device along with the 4 parameters that are program number, test name, set vacuum and hold time. The retention rate time range of the instrument is 40 to 300 seconds which is used for configuring the automatic release of the vacuum after the process has been completed. Along with that, the device is also provided with key features such as running timer, real time clock, the short key for parameter selection and alphanumeric keypad. The thermal printer allows the users to print the test report directly from the instrument. The print out is in the form of 9-row prints which contains batch no., test no, sample id, set time, hold time, set vacuum, return time and test result.  There are LED indications provided for vacuum pressure, hold time, retention time and alarm.

With all the new features, the instruments will definitely enhance the product quality in the packaging industries.

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