Box Compression Tester in Ahmedabad

The compression testing equipment is used for estimating the tolerance of carton boxes under rising vertical load. The machine is designed under various international test standards and is helpful for corrugated box industry. You can now have Box Compression Tester in Ahmedabad, Gujarat just connects with our team.


The carton boxes or corrugated fibreboard containers are used for transporting and export. Also, they can be utilized for storage purpose. The boxes are expected to be strong enough to hold the load of other boxes which are kept above it. To test the amount of pressure a single box can take, they are tested under controlled compression load. Box compression testing machine is designed by Presto group and exert downward pushing load on the specimen. It is done by using compression plates. The plates are tightly held by double column stands and are moved smoothly. The test readings are recorded on a digital display screen. Now the Box Compression Tester is available in Ahmedabad for testing corrugated boxes and carton boxes.

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