Box Compression Tester in Baddi

Box Compression testing machine is used in corrugated box industry for checking the resistance strength of boxes against vertical compressive load. This type of load is often experienced by boxes in warehouses or in transit conditions when one box is kept on another and so on. Customers of India can have Box Compression Tester in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and in different location of the nation. We also cater in international countries.


The compression forces are often faced by corrugated carton boxes when one package is kept on the other. This happens when the boxes are stored in warehouses or loaded in shipment or in other form of vehicles. Especially when it is the case of storage or long distance transporting, the boxes suffer a lot of vertical load on their surface for a long time period which can lead to rupture of the box at base and may be it gets buckle. This can damage the content inside loosing you the reputation and product quality. Box compression testing machine is designed as per international standards and is equipped with digitally controlled display screen for recording test values. The machine has a strong compression plate equipped with a load cell for uniform distribution of forces. Box Compression Tester is also available in Baddi along with other major locations of India.

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