Box Compression Tester in Mumbai

Box compression testing machine is utilized widely in the corrugated industry. The machine is suitable for testing carton boxes, corrugated boxes etc. It is a double column adjustable tester, the size can be customized as per customers request. Now the leading industries can have Box Compression Tester in Mumbai, Maharashtra with all the latest features and technology.


Corrugated boxes are popularly used for transportation, storage and other things which require immense resistance against the compressive load. For instance, transporting glasswares or sensitive items to distant locations may require the box to be strong enough to protect the content inside from the compressive load experienced. The boxes are kept one upon another in the shipping or airline storage area. In such situation, it is easy to get buckled under so much of pressure. This particular property requires to be tested that how much load a particular box can take and as per that the box may be used for a particular application. The compression tester is a digital model, equipped with a digital display screen which records the compression force precisely. The machine offers a strong compression plate which is equipped with a load cell that will help in distribution of the compressive load uniformly on the specimen box. Get Box Compression Tester in Mumbai by contacting our team at your nearest location.

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