Box Compression Tester in Pantnagar

Carton box compression testing machine is used for checking the resistance strength of corrugated carton container against elevating load. The machine is equipped with strong compression plates used for putting a load on the sample. Get Box Compression Tester in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for testing the ability of box packages.


The carton boxes are often seen in a loading situation. When they are kept one upon another the boxes kept at the bottom line are those which will be experiencing the higher load. And at such situation, they may buckle down or totally crush down. To avoid such a situation, it should be known before that how much load a carton box can take up. To test the strength capacity of the product, a manufacturer must them under Compression testing machines. The machine is a digital model, which is based upon a highly integrated microprocessor-based software program. The compression plates equipped are strong and fitted with a precision based load call. This cell is used for subjecting uniform force on the specimen. So that the force is equally distributed on the specimen at each corner. The digital display can automatically record the TARE and Peak hold values. There is over travel protection is provided. Bright light LED is fitted on the screen for low light vision. Now you can have Box Compression Tester in Pantnagar for testing the quality of carton box.

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