Box Compression Tester in Pune

The Box Compression Machine is used popularly in Corrugated Box Industry. It determines the compression strength of Carton boxes and delivers highly accurate test values. The machine is designed as per international test standards so that the test results are verified across the globe.


Now you can experience the ideal testing solution with Box Compression Tester in Pune, Maharashtra. Connect with our team for further process. The Corrugated boxes or carton boxes have various applications in the packaging industry other than that they are also preferred for transportation of the products within national or international borders. They are used because of their stability against the compressive load experienced while transportation, handling and storage in warehouses.

While the use of corrugated boxes they are often kept one on another. At such time the box placed on the base faces a maximum vertical load and if the boxes are transported to a far distant location then they have to be taking the load for a long time. Such a situation can lead to buckling of boxes and even bursting them out. This type of defects can be avoided with strict quality control over the carton boxes. The Box compression testing machine is used for simulating the real-life vertical load exertion on the corrugated boxes. The Digital model equipment is a twin column rugged structure and has a standardized compression plate which pushes the sample down to see at which points it initiates to buckle. Get Box Compression Tester in Pune and introduce the best quality control to your industries.

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