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Presto has recently designed all-new bursting strength testing equipment known as Burst Genie Smart 3.0. This product is manufactured in a state of the art and is loaded with features for your convenience. It has been a stable mechanical structure with a focus on precision, quality, and durability. It has been installed with a thermal printer that can instantly print the test result without the hassle of cartridge refill. We have made sure that all relevant information is printed in real-time.


This testing equipment is programmed with individual test templates for measurement with three ranges - low, medium, and high. We have designed the equipment to provide ease of access by making it simple and yet featured. The equipment is featured in such a way that when a test is complete, the dynamic fixtures automatically move to the home location. This burst testing instrument is designed to provide easy access by automatically calculating the bursting factor and providing a real-time graph of the test with maximum, minimum, and average results for ten samples. You can generate and download the soft copy of the report in-a-go in pdf format by inserting a USB in the HMI.
The soft copy downloaded is non-editable and you don’t have to worry about any alterations made to the report. Although if you feel like adding more information to the report, we provide you with an option to download your report in .csv format and you can add as much information as you want to share.
This quality lab testing instrument is added with security layers to allow access only to the registered users with unique IDs and passwords. A dedicated program and UI are embedded in the equipment to perform equipment calibration which is also password protected to keep unauthorized access away.





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