Burst Strength Tester Digital in Mumbai

Burst Strength Tester Digital in Mumbai

Presto Burst Strength Tester (Digital Model) is now also available in Mumbai at affordable Price. The testing instrument is used for conducting Quality control tests on Paper, Plastic Film, Corrugated Boards, Carton Material, Foil, Paperboard etc. The device is helpful in evaluating the bursting strength of the material. It can also be used to calculate the value for bursting factor and bursting Index.


Burst Strength tester in Mumbai can easily be accessed. For that, you must contact the team at the branch office situated in Andheri West. Presto has designed various versions of Bursting Machine including Digital, Pneumatic, Computerised, etc. The Digital Model is a bestseller and is equipped with the finest quality parts and technologies.

Burst Value is an important factor in the Paper and Packaging Industry. Upon this specific criteria, the quality of the material is decided. The amount of force applied on which the test specimen get burst or completely ruptures is termed as the bursting strength of that sample. To apply the force in this model, it has a manual rotating wheel which pushes the clamp downwards. On the base, there is a sample clamping platform which has grooves on its surface to prevent slippage of the specimen. The operator must note that the sample should be cut in a circular shape before placing it on the testing base.

The grips provided on the test base are designed with standardised features which ensure that the test is not at all disturbed while in progress. This assures that no error must appear in the test results. The force value applied is recorded in digital format on the screen which delivers high accuracy in the values. The machine is very easy and simple to operate and deliver precise results for advanced quality control. The accuracy has been assured with the microprocessor-based digital program installed in the machine.

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