Bursting Strength Tester in Ahmedabad

Bursting strength testing machine is designed to estimate the burst strength of paperboard material, fibreboard or corrugated board. The burst strength is defined as the resistance capacity of the specimen against rising bursting load. Now you access best testing solution for fibreboard material by getting Bursting Strength Tester in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


The Bursting test is an important quality control process that is required to categorize the material for further use in their application. For the testing process, burst strength testing machine is used. The device is equipped with a sample tightening clamp which can be handled using a rotational circular handle. The user rotates it for tightening or loosening the test specimen. The specimen placement base is having a grooved structure which is engraved that way so that while testing the specimen does not get slipped. The machine is equipped with a digital display screen which records the burst strength value. A flexible diaphragm is a part of the machine which generates the bursting pressure from below. The calculated value can help in evaluating the burst factor and the burst index. An interested client can also contact our team and get Bursting Strength tester in Ahmedabad. 

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