Bursting Strength Tester in Baddi

Burst strength testing machine is used to calculate bursting strength/factor and index of material. It is suitable for testing paper, paperboard, corrugated fibreboard, paperboard etc. The test equipment can be delivered to various locations across India and world. Especially to all major industrial towns. Now one can easily get Bursting Strength Tester in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.


Burst strength of material is of huge importance for its application and selection criteria. Industry require a test equipment which can be used for evaluating bursting strength/factor/Index all and deliver highly précised force calculations. Bursting Strength tester by presto is one of a kind test equipment which is available in various versions including analogue, Digital, one with pneumatic pressure control, with test data printing facility and one which can be connected to user computer. Equipped with highly advanced features such as high grade diaphragm which is suitable for repeatable testing, digital Bursting Strength Tester in Baddi recording of test values, equal force distribution, strong specimen clamping fixture and grooved base for zero slippage of the specimen. Bursting Strength tester is now also available in Baddi, which is a renowned Industrial Town. Presto understands the need of quality control and thus deliver services to major locations of India and world.

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