Bursting Strength Tester in Bangalore

Bursting strength testing machine is used for testing the resistance strength of paper or paperboard material against vertical bursting strength. The machine is constructed as per international test standards which are followed worldwide. It is popularly used in paper and packaging industry. Now get Bursting Strength Tester in Bangalore, Karnataka along with other regions in India.


Paperboard material are tested for various factors and properties including the bursting strength of the material. The bursting factor or bursting index is also a part of the same quality control test. It is seen that at how much bursting force a particular material will burst out. This test will require the best testing solution which is Bursting Strength testing machine. Equipped with a manual operating wheel which helps the user to adjust the compressing load as per requirement. There are strong sample gripping clamps which holds the specimen tightly. On the base of test area, the area is grooved to generate friction for ensuring the slippage is zero. Below that is fitted a flexible diaphragm, which inflates to develop the bursting pressure from below area. The load indicator is digitally controlled screen with bright LED light for low light vision. Single push button operation with easy handling. The operation is based on a highly advanced microprocessor program. Get Bursting Strength tester in Bangalore and experience ideal testing solution for determining bursting strength, factor and index.

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