Bursting Strength Tester in Haridwar

Burst strength testing machines are used in the paper and packaging industry for estimating the pressure value required to rupture a material. The machine is a digital model and has a precision based calculation. Access Bursting Strength Tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand and implement quality testing in your industry.


Burst strength of packaging materials like foil, sheet, poly films, paper, cardboard etc. is very important to measure. Depending upon this property the material can be set for their application and if not matching industry criteria, can be improved further. These types of material are stretched and rolled for wrapping up products. While protecting goods they might face situations where they can easily get ruptured or burst. This is why it is important for a producer to know how their material will behave out of the production centre, in the market. The machine uses a microprocessor-based digital setup which records the force applied at a precise level. It can also store multiple test data in its memory. The digital display screen is equipped with a bright LED light for low light vision. The Bursting Strength tester is now available in Haridwar helping industries to improve the quality of their packaging material.

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