Carton Compression Tester

Presto offers the best, high quality of carton compression tester to check the maximum strength of a carton. The packaging industries use the carton to pack the wide range of item, and therefore, the quality of raw materials used for packaging products must be tested.


With the help of testing instrument, the compression strength of cartons, beehive crates, paper tanks, paper cases, and box compression strength are tested so they could not get damaged when stacked during transit or storage.

The carton compression tester helps to identify and maintain the superior surface strength suitable for packaging of heavy, medium or light weighted items like construction tiles, fruits, gift items, cameras and other electronic appliances. Thus, the strength of a carton must be tested prior to using for packaging. During the test, the sample of the box is positioned between two parallel plates and then the maximum pressure is applied until it gets deformed or damaged. This enables to know the maximum pressure or compression a box can tolerate. The knowledge of proper compression strength allows the supplier or manufacturer to select the right material before manufacturing so the boxes will not get damaged during transportation. A safe and proper delivery of products is maintained by the quality testing of cartons.

The compressive strength measurement is based on storage techniques (e.g., stacking issue), size and dimensions of the boxes, and material properties. Presto provides the machine with an instruction manual, besides electric wiring diagram and calibration certificate traceable to NABL approved labs.

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