Corrugated Box Bursting Strength Tester

Corrugated Box Bursting Strength Tester

Presto offers highly reliable and standardized corrugated box bursting strength tester for testing the strength of the raw material used for the production of corrugated boxes. The primary use of the instrument is in paper and packaging industries.


The amount of bursting strength aids in determining the quality of the material used. The testing is performed to assess the maximum force that a packaging product can tolerate to its maximum.

Bursting strength of corrugated boxes is determined using corrugated box bursting strength tester that explains the strength and quality of a material. Most of the corrugated boxes burst due to the force applied to them during transit or storage. The high-quality testing instrument helps to improve the quality of boxes used for packaging. The machine is used to measure the bursting strength of paper or strong paper board.

To measure the bursting strength of box, a uniform hydraulic pressure is provided while the box specimen is mounted between two circular clamps and tightened using the geared handle. Application of hydraulic pressure to the left side of the tester causes the diaphragm to expand till the sample ruptured. The result of bursting strength is provided in kg/cm2. Force required rupturing the product is displayed in digital indicator provided. With the accurate result, paper and packaging industries can use the right material and product the high strength boxes.

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