Drop Tester Digital in Haridwar

Drop testing machine is used to check the transport worthiness of packages. It is equipped with special clamping fixtures which allow straight as well as an angular drop of the specimen. Now you can get Drop Tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand to test the drop quality of packages.


The packages are often used for transit and shipping purposes. Due to their rough handling and jerks experienced in the way, they can lead to crushing or even bursting of the containers. This may lead to damages for the inside content. To avoid such things, the packages must be checked for its drop performance on the road. Drop testing machine is designed by the Presto group and is as per international test standards. The material used is high-grade mild steel material which contributes towards the strong structure. The machine allows both straight and angular drop facility using specially designed clamps. The test area or platform base is a double flap structure which opens up on command and allows falling of the specimen, the drop height is adjustable using the manual lever to set the fall height. Purchase Drop Tester Digital in Haridwar for testing the drop performance of the packages.

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