Drop Tester in Pantnagar

Drop testing machine is used to check the behaviour of the material under a free falling situation while handling or transit conditions. The instruments are available in various models and also with remote control. Get Drop Tester in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for estimating the performance of packages.


Drop testing machine is designed to simulate the dropping instances which take place during handling or transport conditions. It is often found that the packages either carton boxes or PET bottle containers and bottles while handling in the production unit or in the warehouses or during transporting them from one location to another face dropping instances which can damage their outer appearance and may generate a buckle on the shape. To check from what height if the package will fall and at what angle will it generate damage on itself, one must imitate the falls or drops using Drop testing machine. The machine is designed as per IS 7028 Pt IV. Have a height adjustable platform and allow straight or angular fall of the specimen. Purchase Drop Tester in Pantnagar having advanced features and standardisation.

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