Edge Crush Tester in Ahmedabad

The edge crush testing machine is used for calculating the Crush strength of fibreboard material which is used to build carton boxes. The machine is a digital model and is designed as per international standards. Now you can get Edge Crush Tester in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Just contact our team for a quotation.


The fibreboard material out of which the Carton boxes or corrugated boxes are made is checked for its crushing load. This type of load is often experienced by carton packaging while storage in warehouses or while transporting. The resistance against the crushing load is inspected to categorize material as per their quality standards. The equipment used is termed as edge crush testing machine. It can perform 3 types of crushing load test that is ring crush test, flat crush test and edge crush test. Distinct test type uses different fixtures. The clamping fixtures are specially designed to hold tight the specimens at the time of the test. It uses highly advanced microprocessor program for recording precise test values. The machine has a load cell equipped to ensure uniform distribution of force while exerting crushing load. Get Edge Crush Tester in Ahmedabad and also in other industrial regions of India.

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